Paper products and dispensers buying guide for businesses

Paper products and dispensers buying guide for businesses

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Paper products are essential items to have at any type of business. Products in this category can range from facial tissues, paper towels, bath tissues, as well as many types of paper product dispensers. Consider what specific paper product needs your business has to ensure that your purchase order will keep you well stocked. Learn more about what types of paper products and dispensers are available and how Amazon Business can help you in your procurement process.


Essential list of paper products and dispensers for your business

Depending on the size of your business, the quantities and types of paper products and dispensers you will need can vary. Track how much paper products your company consumes and how often you need to replenish, so you can be sure to order the right products in the correct amounts to reduce costs and waste. Learn more about the types of paper products and dispensers available below.

  • Bath tissue: This product is an essential for any restroom facility whether it be in an office, residential, or commercial location. Bath tissues are available with a variety of options such as septic safe, recycled fibers, Rainforest Alliance Certified (RAC), Forest Stewardship Council FSC, and biodegradable materials. You can also purchase this item in 2-ply or 3-ply sheets in packs of 24 to 80 rolls to best accommodate your business needs and help you stay well stocked.
  • Bath tissue dispensers: To ensure ease of use, bath tissue dispensers are a necessity for any restroom and are available in several styles. You can find commercial bath tissue dispensers that can hold up to four rolls at a time to reduce the need to refill. There are also styles that can accommodate regular and jumbo-sized rolls, and are made of translucent plastic so you can always see when it is time to replenish stock.
  • Facial tissue: Promote good hygiene and a clean workspace by providing facial tissues in all areas of your business. Ideal places to have facial tissues readily available can include restrooms, lobby areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, and office spaces. You can find facial tissues available in 12, 30, or 48 count packs of individual tissue boxes ranging from 100 to 125 sheets per box. These facial tissues are also environmentally friendly with RAC or FSC certified materials, and can be found in 1-ply or 2-ply options.
  • Paper towel dispensers: Available for a variety of paper towel types, these wall-mounted dispensers are perfect for efficient dispensing and can be used in restrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and industrial environments. You can find touchless, lever operated, or single dispensing styles that can distribute multifold, center pull, or roll style paper towels. There are also styles available in black, silver, or white dispensers to best match your business décor.
  • Paper towels: For drying hands or cleaning up messes, paper towels are essential in maintaining a clean work environment. Available in multi-fold or roll towel styles, you can find the right paper towels for your needs. You can also find paper towel options that are environmentally friendly with sustainably sourced materials, FSC certified, Eco-Logo certified, chlorine free production, and that meet EPA standards. Keep all areas of your business clean by having paper towels readily available in restrooms, kitchens, and lunch/break rooms.
  • Roll towels: Great for quick dispensing, roll towels are a workspace necessity when wiping up messes or drying hands after washing. Perfect for residential, industrial, and commercial work places, you can find the perfect roll towel product that fits your needs. Package sizes range from 6 to 30 rolls so you can be well stocked with this essential item. You can find hard roll, regular roll, and center pull roll options depending on the type of dispenser you have. There are also options that are environmentally friendly and RAC certified to help reduce your carbon footprint.



How to save on wholesale or bulk orders

When procuring all the paper products and dispensers your business needs, the cost can add up quickly especially if you are buying in large quantities. With Amazon Business, there are several ways to help you save time and money on your bulk paper purchases.

  • Quantity discounts: Purchase two or more items from millions of eligible products on Amazon Business to save money on your order.
  • Recurring delivery: Save time and money by setting your business up for automatic recurring deliveries. You can change, skip, or cancel your recurring deliveries at any time depending on the current needs of your business.
  • Shop from a single source: Procuring your paper product purchases from one source can help save you time on shopping and shipping. In addition, multitudes of suppliers provide discounts on bulk order options with a lower cost per unit, which can save you money.



Looking for more janitorial and sanitation supplies?

Amazon Business carries millions of janitorial and sanitation products from top brands. Whether you need paper towels to pick up small messes or a touchless paper towel dispenser for restroom facilities, you can find the janitorial and sanitation supplies that your business needs all in one place.



How can Amazon Business help?

Managing orders and supplies can be a lot to undertake, but through Amazon Business, you can keep track of your purchases, manage your budget, and reduce and automate your orders. In addition, you can get discounts on qualifying bulk orders, which can save you money. For further savings, Business Prime offers additional tools customized to your unique business needs. Learn more about how Amazon Business can help through the links below.

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