Trash Bags and Receptacles Buying Guide for Your Business

Trash Bags and Receptacles Buying Guide for Your Business

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To keep your business clean and tidy, you should have recycling and trash receptacles readily available as well as garbage bags. There is a variety of receptacles and bag options to choose from, so understanding the waste management needs of your business will be a factor in your purchasing decisions. Learn more about what waste management products are available, features to consider for your purchase, and how Amazon Business can help.



Trash Receptacle and Bag Essentials

Deciding on the right janitorial and sanitation products for your business can be an important aspect of your organization’s waste management. Trash receptacles and bags come in a variety of sizes and types depending the type of waste, so consider what specific needs your business requires. For example, small trash bins are perfect to keep at a desk. However, if you need to manage a larger amount of waste in a high traffic area, consider a heavy-duty garbage receptacle. Read on for a list of essential janitorial and sanitation products that can help with your business’s waste management needs.

  • Trash Bags and Liners: These items are great for keeping receptacles clean and managing larger amounts of waste. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 13 gallons up to 55 gallon bags, and are ideal for kitchen, commercial, construction, janitorial, restroom, office or industrial use. You can also purchase trash bags and liners in cases up to 200 count so you will always be well stocked and find features including trash bags and liners with drawstring closures, puncture resistant design, scented options, or recyclable material construction to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Trash and Recycling Cans: Depending on your waste management needs, you can find a variety of receptacles for your trash and recycling. These products come with features such as heavy-duty plastic or resin construction, side handles, cinches for securing trash bags or liners, venting channels for easy bag removal, and stackable design for space-saving storage when not in use. They also come in a several styles such as slimmer designs to fit smaller spaces, shorter wastebaskets for under desks, or rounds bins up to 55 gallons to handle larger amounts of waste. In addition, you can find a variety of colors to specify garbage, compost, or recycling, as well as other color varieties to fit your business.
  • Other Receptacles: Waste management includes specialized receptacles used for disposing specific items. Cigarette and feminine hygiene receptacles are available to help manage this need. You can find durable, high density polyurethane cigarette receptacles in one gallon or five quart sizes ranging in height from 30” to 37.75”. These items also restrict oxygen within the receptacle to quickly extinguish flames, repel water, and eliminate odor. If shopping for feminine hygiene receptacles, you can shop our products made of lightweight yet durable ABS or PPC plastic. The smooth design allows for an easy to clean surface while the lid helps contain waste for sanitary purposes. These products are also designed to be used with liners for easy waste and hygiene management.


Things to consider

Now that you know what waste management products are available, you must also consider the specific needs of your business. Consider the following when deciding what trash bags and/or receptacles you should purchase for your business.


  • Business size: The amount of people in your organization, or the amount of waste your business generates can vary greatly. If your business is an office environment, one wastebasket per desk is oftentimes a good estimate. Industrial or construction businesses typically generate a higher amount of waste, so investing in some large, heavy-duty garbage bins may be a smart purchase decision.
  • Types of waste: Choosing the correct type of trash receptacle can depend on the type of waste you need to manage. Liquid or perishable waste should always be disposed of in a receptacle with the liner or bag to avoid spills and messes. Cigarette butts should be disposed of in a cigarette receptacle to help eliminate odor and fire risk.
  • Storage space: Be sure to choose the correct size and amount of receptacles for your business in order to as efficient as possible with your workspace. If purchasing in bulk or if you don’t plan to consistently utilize the receptacles, choose products with a stackable design to save space.



How to save on wholesale or bulk orders

When procuring all the waste management products your business needs, the price can add up quickly especially if you are buying in large quantities. Seek out suppliers that offer quantity discounts on bulk buys or wholesale sellers that can give you a deal on retail prices, which can save you money on your cleaning product and tool orders.



Looking for more janitorial and sanitation supplies?

Amazon Business carries millions of janitorial and sanitation products from top brands including Rubbermaid, Hefty, and Glad. You can easily compare prices and products among our vast selection to make sure you are making the most informed decision on your purchases. Whether you need a small waste bin for your desk or an industrial garbage can to manage larger messes, you can find the janitorial and sanitation supplies that will help your business stay spotless.


How can Amazon Business help?

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