Lab and Science Equipment

Lab and Science Equipment

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  • PH Meters

    PH Meters

    Let Amazon Business help you find the right PH meter for your business, whether you are testing in a lab or out on the job at pools, spas, aquariums and more. Our selection of PH meters will help you get the accurate and reliable results you need whenever you test.

  • Pipettes


    Amazon Business can help you keep pipettes in stock for your lab or business. Consider our bulk disposable pipettes for accurate liquid transfer, or pipette stands and micropipettes for precision work. Browse our brands and kit options to find what you need for your next lab study or trial.

  • Lab Supplies

    Lab Supplies

    Do you need lab supplies? Amazon Business can help you order supplies quickly and easily so that you have more time to focus on your work. Whether you are looking for lab coats, plastic test tubes, stainless steel lab spoons, glassware kits, regulated power supplies, or precision tweezers, let Amazon Business be your partner in keeping your lab stocked and running smoothly.

  •  Petri Dishes

    Petri Dishes

    You can find many petri dish options for your lab at Amazon Business. Choose from sterile plastic, glass dishes with lids, polystyrene plastic petri dishes, and more all in one place. Let Amazon Business help you stay stocked with the petri dishes you need for your medical, biological, or other scientific research.

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