Procuring electrical, heating and lighting supplies on Amazon Business

Procuring electrical, heating and lighting supplies on Amazon Business

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An informational guide on sourcing electrical, heating and lighting supplies in the maintenance, repair, & operations (MRO) selection of Amazon Business



Electrical, heating and lighting supplies

Electrical, heating and lighting supplies serve a plethora of functions depending on the industry utilizing the product. Electrical, heating and lighting supplies can be found in industries including manufacturing, construction, mechanical, and more. These supplies are often critical tools required to complete projects at scale. Given the necessity of these products to the breadth of industries it is imperative that all electrical, heating and lighting supplies are available, stocked and ready for use at all times.



Essential electrical, heating and lighting supplies

Amazon Business provides a diverse assortment of electrical, heating and lighting supplies for maintenance, repair, & operations (MRO) application. Applications may include heating jobsites in cold temperatures, installing lighting in businesses or connecting electrical in construction projects. Essential electrical, heating and lighting supplies commonly purchased include:


Please click here to view a full list of adhesives, tapes, and lubricants available on Amazon Business.


Wholesale electrical, heating and lighting supplies

It is also important to review wholesale MRO products available on Amazon Business to save you both time and money when procuring products for your business.


Wholesale products are available in a variety of sizes and quantities. Business customers using Amazon Business can spend less time replenishing their stock and can qualify for quantity discounts. Quantity discounts are available on around 70% of the maintenance, repair, & operations products on Amazon Business. In addition, Amazon Business offers tens of thousands of bulk supplies, all in one place, allowing customers to save even more when purchasing multiple units at once.


How Amazon Business can help

Purchasing essential hand tools through an online store  can allow purchasers to save both time and money by consolidating suppliers and enabling buyers to review several products at once.


Amazon Business, brings together hundreds of thousands of sellers in one place to offer a vast selection of products in MRO. Over 33 million MRO supplies are available on Amazon Business ranging from electrical, heating and lighting supplies, hand tools, hardware and more! Click here to view the full list of maintenance, repair, & operations products available to businesses.


More than 500,000 business customers choose to shop for MRO products every day on Amazon Business. There are several benefits available to customers and below are some key features to consider:

  • Automate frequent purchases -  Subscribe & Save is a simple way to automate your ordering process and extend your savings up to 15%. Subscribe and Save discount is available on over 240,000 eligible items across Amazon Business. Look for the Subscribe and Save mention on product detail pages to set your delivery schedule and receive up to 15% discount.
  • Business Prime - Join Business Prime and access enhanced Spend Visibility and Guided Buying tools to help you discover actionable insights into you spending and increase control over employee purchasing
  • Track your inventory - Closely tracking inventory levels is an essential step in operating a safe and reliable business. You want to buy the right amount at the right time to ensure you have what you need on hand; however, you want to avoid excess product that can result in storage constraints.
  • Cost - Look for transparency when it comes to pricing and compare prices with those offered from other vendors. Select suppliers who offer a variety of discounts for high-volume orders and no order minimums.
  • Consolidate purchasing - The more you can get from one supplier, the less time you’ll have to spend managing purchasing. While being tied to a few suppliers can simplify the purchasing process, traditional suppliers may lock you into long-term contracts that limit your ability to negotiate prices.
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