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Bulk and Wholesale Paper Buying Guide for your Business

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Paper products are a staple office supply item for many businesses. No matter the size of your organization, you can still save time and money by purchasing your paper products in bulk or wholesale. There are several points to consider when placing your bulk paper order such as paper type, quantity, and purchasing process. Read on to learn more about paper attributes, bulk buying, and how Amazon Business can help.


Paper Types

There are many types of paper available for business purposes, but the most common is bond paper; also commonly known as multipurpose paper. This type of paper is utilized in most basic office inkjet or laser printers and can be used for a multitude of projects depending on the paper weight. Bond paper can come in three weights with each weight category having a specific use.

  • Light: This includes multipurpose copy, printer, fax, and tracing paper
  • Medium or Mid-weight: Double-sided printing, legal documents, reports, presentations, and business documents fall under this category.
  • Heavy: The paper in this category has several of the same uses as mid-weight paper, but is slightly thicker such as card stock.


Paper Weight


Whether you need basic copy paper or cardstock, you will need to know how the weight of paper is measured to accurately choose what paper is right for your business. The U.S. method for measuring the weight of paper is based off 500 sheets of uncut paper and is represented in pounds. For example, if 500 sheets of uncut 17” x 22” paper weighs 20 pounds, then the paper is labelled “20 lbs.” regardless if it is cut into smaller sheets. It is important to note that the greater weight listed does not necessarily mean heavier paper and there is no standard size for uncut paper.

How to choose your order quantity


Once you have decided what paper product would be best for your business, the order quantity will need to be determined. Most paper products come in packages, also known as “reams”. One ream of paper holds 500 sheets and are available in half-ream sizes of 250 sheets. You can also purchase reams by the case, which holds 10 reams or 5,000 sheets of paper. Knowing these quantity options can help you consolidate orders to help you save money and have a substantial supply for your business needs.


Other things to consider


When purchasing your paper products in bulk or wholesale, there are several other points to consider that can make an impact on how much you save.

  • Price-per-unit: When purchasing in bulk or wholesale, price-per-unit is king. Get the best deal for your money by doing some comparison shopping for the lowest price-per-unit. You can easily accomplish this on Amazon Business where you can have access to a multitude of suppliers and products.
  • Try before you buy: Before placing a large order of paper, test the product to make sure that it fits your business needs. Purchase a single ream of paper so if it does not work out for your intended use, you will not be out a large amount of money and stuck with a stock of paper that you will not be using.
  • Storage capacity: Another thing to consider when purchasing large quantities is planning for ample storage space.
  • Shop from a single source: Shopping from a single source will save you time and shipping costs. Amazon Business carries tens of thousands of bulk product options.


How can Amazon Business help?

Managing orders and supplies can be a lot to undertake, but through Amazon Business, you can keep track of your purchases, manage your budget, and reduce and automate your orders. In addition, you can get discounts on qualifying bulk orders that can help you stay on budget. For further savings, sign up for Business Prime, which offers unique benefits that are customized to your unique business needs. Learn more about how Amazon Business can help through the links below.


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