Office Supplies List and Essentials
Essential Office Supplies

Office supplies checklist for your business

Office supplies list: Get the right products for your business

Set up your business with the right office furnishing and supplies

Need some ideas? Here’s an office supplies list most businesses will need to get up and running.

  • Office furniture

    Choosing the right office furniture is important. A comfortable and ergonomic workplace not only contributes to well-being, it also affects office productivity and entices prospective employees. A dynamic work environment requires stand-up desks, sofas for common areas, conference room tables of various sizes with chairs to match, dry-erase boards, multi-purpose filing cabinets, and decorative art.

    No matter your budget, Amazon Business stocks everything you need to furnish your office space with a wide range of office furniture and lighting.


     ✔ Office desks
     ✔ Conference room tables
     ✔ Office chairs
     ✔ Sofas
     ✔ Whiteboards
     ✔ Filing cabinets
     ✔ Lighting
     ✔ Art and decor

  • Technology

    Gear up with office equipment that enables collaboration and efficiency, plus IT accessories that keep everything running smoothly, like power strips, Wi-Fi routers, and backup storage hard drives.

    Since so much of small businesses’ essential operations happen through technology, it’s critical that you buy electronics for your office from reliable brands. Here’s a list of tech equipment you might need for your business, along with trusted brands to consider.

    ✔ Office PCs
    ✔ Office laptops (ASUS, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP)
    ✔ Office Printers (Explore best business printers)
    ✔ Small business software for business productivity
    ✔ Networking tools (Explore routers & internet equipment)
    ✔ Projectors
    ✔ IT accessories (power strips, surge protectors, keyboards)
    ✔ Backup and storage hard drives
    ✔ Office phones

  • Office essentials

    Office essentials are all of the consumable supplies you need day to day. Think of office basics like paper, notebooks, toner, folders, mailing supplies, writing instruments, and anything else you’ll need to get work done and stay organized.


    A great place to start is with the office supplies selection on Amazon Business where you’ll find basic office supplies with 4+ Star Ratings, many with business-only prices for shoppers with a free Amazon Business account.


    Here is a list of office essentials to stock up on, including some items you may not have thought about:


    ✔ Paper in various paper sizes
    ✔ Pens
    ✔ Dry erase markers and highlighters
    ✔ Printer ink and toner
    ✔ Staplers, staples, paper clips, and push pins
    ✔ Shipping and packaging supplies like envelopes and tape
    ✔ Organizers
    ✔ Paper shredders
    ✔ Office stationary
    ✔ Business cards
    ✔ Binder clips
    ✔ Tape dispensers
    ✔ "Open/Close" sign to hang on exterior door

  • Breakroom

    A well-stocked breakroom can help keep your employees happy and engaged. But since breakroom snacks run out fast, it can be a lot of work to keep your breakroom stocked with healthy snacks and beverages, paper products and cleaning supplies.


    Save a trip to the store by consolidating your breakroom purchases on Amazon Business. You’ll find more than 2 million breakroom products from a wide selection of top brands with business-only prices and flexible delivery options on eligible items.


    Here’s a list of items you’ll need for your breakroom:


    ✔ Snack foods
    ✔ Coffee and tea
    ✔ Commercial coffee maker and supplies
    ✔ Beverages
    ✔ Office cleaning supplies
    ✔ Paper products and disposables
    ✔ First aid


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