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Purchasing medical supplies for your facility

An informational guide to sourcing medical supplies and the benefits of procuring on one digital store



Professional medical supplies

As a professional healthcare provider, medical supplies are essential to your business and core job function. You may use medical supplies during preventative checkups, emergency procedures or non-emergency circumstances to detect health and disease indications in patients. In addition, you may use medical supplies to treat patients after a diagnosis. Due to the variety of functions medical tools serve it is imperative that all supplies are available, stocked and ready for application at all times.


Common purchases for new and existing medical facilities

Whether you work in a dental practice, doctors office, hospital or long-term care facility, an assortment of medical supplies are purchased to launch or sustain operation. However, the types of medical supplies procured may differ depending on if you are purchasing for a new business or replenishing supplies for an existing practice.


Amazon Business offers over two-and-a-half million professional medical supplies to get your practice up and running. Some common medical supplies to consider for your new business include:

  1. Stethoscope
  2. Bluetooth blood pressure monitor
  3. Digital step-on scale
  4. Tongue depressors
  5. Medline Poles Stand
  6. Welch Allyn Electronic Thermometer
  7. Invacare wheelchair


On the other hand, if you are an established medical facility you may have several on-going, repeat purchases you continually make to keep your practice well stocked. Common reoccurring medical supplies may include:

  1. Exam gloves
  2. Disposable Face Masks
  3. Toilet Paper
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Kleenex Facial Tissue
  6. Dukal cotton balls
  7. Disposable paper cups


In addition to supporting purchases for new and existing medical practices, Amazon Business can assist in the tailored selection of products for specific medical fields such as general practice, long term care, dental clinics, and rehabilitation centers.



Medical supplies for general practice

There is an assortment of medical supplies available to professional healthcare providers to consider online in both general practice and long term care. As a professional healthcare provider in general care you can leverage featured product categories on Amazon Business to narrow your search and ease your shopping experience. Featured product categories under general care include:

  1. Exam room supplies: assortment of products supporting the wide range of professional medical supplies often found in exam rooms including table paper, drape sheets, exam gowns, etc. Read more about procuring essential exam room supplies, here.
  2. Diagnostic instruments and supplies: essential tools used by professional medical providers to diagnose and treat patients. Common supplies in this category include stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, specula, and more. Find information pertaining to sourcing diagnostic instruments and supplies, here.
  3. Wound care/closure: products used in medical facilities by providers to treat injuries. Wound care and closure products commonly found in medical facilities include gauze, wound cleansers, adhesive dressings, bandages, and more. Click here to find additional information on wound care supplies for your medical facility.
  4. Apparel and textiles: necessary in most medical practices, supplies in this assortment can be used to outfit both medical personal and rooms in medical facilities. Common medical supplies found in apparel and textiles include stretcher sheets, emergency blankets, pillow cases, lab coat, etc.
  5. Sharps safety and IV catheters: Medical supplies in this product category are designed to keep both patients and professional healthcare providers safe. Common items in this category include sharps disposal containers, biohazard safety bags, and exam gloves.
  6. Orthopedic: medical supplies used to reduce pain, improve stability and protect physical strain for patients can also be purchased on Amazon Business. Products available in this grouping include splints, slings, braces, binders, etc.



Medical supplies for long term care

Professional healthcare providers in long term care have access to shared interest product categories such as exam room supplies and diagnostic instruments with additional groupings catered to long term care. The featured product categories tailored to long term care include:

  1. Respiratory and patient consumables: medical supplies available in this category aim to provide professional medical providers with the tools you need to promote breathing and reduce respiratory distress.
  2. Incontinence and nursing supplies: it’s common for residents in long-term care facilities to experience some level of incontinence. Medical supplies available in this category help caregivers provide comfort and promote good health to residents experiencing complications.
  3. Rehabilitation and mobility: supplies in this category can assist professional medical providers with the tools you need to assist patients in reclaiming or sustaining balance and mobility to help them moving.
  4. Beds and mattresses: products in this category offer benefits for both patients and caregivers in long term care. With a variety of mattresses available and beds with adjustable options patients can find comfort while caregivers can take advantage of features including adjustable rails, hi-lo settings and more.


Five of the top five largest providers in senior living in the U.S. buy on Amazon Business. Click here to view a full list of general and long term care supplies available on Amazon Business.



Professional dental supplies for dental clinics

Amazon Business also offers a curated store of professional dental supplies for dentists and hygienists so your dental office can spend less time purchasing, and more time growing your practice!

The dental storefront on Amazon Business features instruments, personal protection equipment (PPE), and office supplies to keep your business moving forward. Furthermore, you can easily find the dental supplies you are looking for by using the featured categories to refine your search. Some of the featured categories available to ease your shopping experience include:

  1. Dental scrubs, gloves and apparel
  2. Dental consumables
  3. Dental and oral hygiene products & tools
  4. Endodontic instruments & tools
  5. Orthodontic supplies

Click here to view the full list of professional dental supplies available to dentists and hygienists.



Medical supplies for rehabilitation centers

Furthermore, Amazon Business can support professional healthcare providers’ focused in rehabilitation centers with procuring rehabilitation and mobility supplies. Products commonly purchased for rehabilitation centers include:

  1. Medical walker
  2. Exercise ball
  3. Hydraulic lift
  4. Resistance band
  5. Arm sling


Click here to view additional medical supplies available to support rehabilitation centers so you can spend more time improving patients’ daily lives than searching for items online.


Wholesale medical supplies

It is also important to review wholesale medical supplies available on Amazon Business when you are looking to purchase supplies in bulk. Wholesale medical supplies can save you both time and money when procuring products for your medical facility.


Wholesale pricing is available in a vast selection of products in all types of sizes and quantities. Amazon Business allows shoppers to view top-selling products frequently purchased by other trusted businesses, sort by highly rated products and leverage deals including quantity discounts on bulk wholesale orders.

Customers using Amazon Business can spend less time replenishing their stock and can qualify for Quantity Discounts. Quantity Discounts in 60+ over spend categories from Office supplies to professional medical products. In addition, Amazon Business offers tens of thousands of bulk supplies, all in one place, allowing customers to save even more when purchasing multiple units at once.


How can we help you save on professional medical supplies?

Amazon Business, brings together hundreds of thousands of sellers in one place to offer a wide selection of everything you may need to provide medical care including apparel, diagnostic instruments and supplies, wound dressings, disposable products, etc. Click here to view the full list of professional medical supplies available to healthcare professionals.


When you access the robust Amazon Business online store, you’ll get the professional medical supplies in the quantities and sizes you need to keep your practice moving forward—no matter its size. To help you meet your diverse business and patient needs, we curate products from top-rated brands, like Medline, Dukal, 3M Littman, Therabad, and Biofreeze. To cut costs, you have savings options like Quantity Discounts, which gives you discounts on medical supplies starting at tiers of just two items. You can also leverage analytics tools to help you glean insights into your purchasing habits.


What are the additional benefits of joining Amazon Business?

Finding and saving on the supplies you need are just part of what Amazon Business can do for you. In fact, we specialize in providing doctor’s offices and general practitioners with medical purchasing solutions to streamline your operations. For example, you can join Business Prime and access enhanced Spend Visibility and Guided Buying tools to help you discover actionable insights into your spending and increase control over employee purchasing. You’ll also find supplies across nine different categories, all with competitive pricing.


In addition, there are several benefits available to customers that choose to shop on Amazon Business. Below are some key features to consider:

  1. Automate frequent purchases - For items you use often, activate recurring delivery for business. Out of gauze pads every week? No problem. Just set recurring delivery on your preferred product to avoid stockouts and eliminate the hassle of reordering.
  2. Track your inventory - Closely tracking inventory levels is an essential step in operating an efficient business and reliable medical facility. You want to buy the right amount at the right time to ensure you have what you need on hand; however, you want to avoid excess product that can result in storage constraints.
  3. Cost - Look for transparency when it comes to pricing and compare prices with those offered from other vendors. Select suppliers who offer a variety of discounts for high-volume orders and no order minimums.
  4. Consolidate purchasing - The more you can get from one supplier, the less time you’ll have to spend managing purchasing. While being tied to a few suppliers can simplify the purchasing process, traditional suppliers may lock you into long-term contracts that limit your ability to negotiate prices.
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