Buying Restaurant Supplies in Bulk or Wholesale

Buying Restaurant Supplies in Bulk or Wholesale

Wholesale restaurant supplies includes a wide plethora of products, which can be daunting when trying to figure out your supplies order. One way to simplify this process is to purchase supplies in bulk or wholesale. Wholesale retailers typically have a variety of suppliers and vendors under their belt, so you can save time and money by shopping from a single source. Knowing the needs of your restaurant will help determine which supplies to purchase and which supplies are available in bulk.



Essential Restaurant Supplies


Though types of restaurants can differ, there are basic supplies that each should have in order to be able to run their business smoothly. Front and back of house need to have the proper supplies to ensure that what goes on behind the scenes offers a great experience for customers out front. Foodservice operations requires specialized equipment as well, so read on to find which products are essential restaurant supplies for your business.

  • Furniture: Whether you are furnishing a dining room or patio, tables and seating are necessary in providing an enjoyable customer experience. These items can be purchased in bulk to save on shipping, and most restaurant suppliers offer a discount on multiple items.
  • Tabletop and Dining: Flatware, salt/pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, drinkware, napkins, glasses, table linens, condiment dispensers, and dinnerware are a few essential tabletop and dining items for a restaurant. To-go containers or disposable dinnerware have increased in popularity and can really elevate your customer service. All of these items typically come in bulk packages, which can save you in shipping and ensure that your restaurant will be well stocked.
  • Barware: If your restaurant serves alcohol, barware is necessary in order to have a well-stocked bar. Basic barware includes shakers, bottle openers, mixing spoons, muddlers, measuring jiggers, and liquor pourers with dust caps. It is also important to have the correct beverage glasses for an ideal customer experience. Beer, wine, and cocktail serve ware can vary depending on the beverage so it is essential to consider what alcohol you are serving. These items also typically come in sets so it is easy to buy multiples to have your bar in tiptop shape.
  • Menu & Checks: Part of providing a good customer experience is having clear menus and accurate checks. A variety of supplies can fulfill this need and all are easily purchased in bulk. Menu holders, guest check pads, check presenters, and server books are some essential restaurant items that fall under this category.
  • Food Storage & Transport: Properly storing food and keeping it safe while in transport is very important in the restaurant industry. Insulated delivery containers, bus boxes to clear tables, food racks with covers, food storage containers, dolly carts, stainless steel shelving, and metal pan containers with covers are just a few storage and transport options for restaurants.
  • Kitchen Tools: Every restaurant needs to have a well stocked kitchen and that includes having the right supplies for meal preparation, cooking/baking, serving, and storing. Many of these types of items also come in sets so they can easily be purchased in bulk to fully outfit any kitchen.
  • Display ware & Signage: Having clear signage and organized displays can really improve the experience for your customers. This can include signage for restrooms, or menu/product displays.
  • Appliances and Equipment: Regardless of the size of your restaurant, appliances are an essential item to prepare, store, and cook food. This can include vacuum storage bags to help keep food fresh, refrigerators to store beverages and perishables, or stainless steel prep tables to provide an organized workspace. Though a few of these items may be large and do not require bulk orders, a lot of the smaller essentials can easily be ordered in larger quantities to save you time and money.



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