Onventis and Amazon Business

Bring Amazon Business into your purchasing system with the innovative Onventis procurement solutions, help reduce rogue buying and assist with achieving maximum efficiency in long-tail spend.

About Amazon Business and Onventis


Make your order processing easier with the innovative Onventis procurement solutions for Amazon Business and help save time and money as well. 

In 2017, Onventis was among the first e-procurement providers to integrate Amazon Business into structured purchasing processes.

Amazon Business can be integrated via Punch-out, Integrated Search, and with the brand-new Punch-in solution.



SAP Concur

"Amazon Punch-in helps us further optimize our long-tail spend. Our users can log in directly to Amazon and transfer their shopping cart to Onventis. In this way, we enhance the internal shopping experience while maintaining full cost and process control. The roll-out has already taken place in the USA, and other countries, including Germany, will follow."

— Philipe von Spiegel | SCHOTT AG | Process Management & Digitalization

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