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Employee perks & programs with Amazon Business

Use your Amazon Business account to support employee-centric programs.

As with many aspects of a small business, when creating employee programs and perks, you sometimes have to get creative. We’ve outlined a few ideas and easy ways to use your Amazon Business account to help you support those programs or other programs you develop.

Employee Training and Development Program Ideas

We're going to start with a few employee-centric program ideas as examples. All of these programs can be supported with your Amazon Business account and you can create your own ideas as well.


Leadership book club

Each employee picks a leadership book and then either participate in a book club or reports on what they learned to the team. The employee can pick from a predetermined list of books or select the leadership book of their choosing.


Employee recognition

Whether it's an employee of the quarter, best team player, or top seller, you can create a predetermined list of reward items to support the employee recognition program that best suits your business.


New hire welcome kit

You can create a list of items with options and  new hires can select based on preference. Creating a list empowers your employees  with choice, while you still ensure what they are picking works with your technology and setup.

Easy Employee Perks with Amazon Business

Account Features that Support Employee Programs and Perks

Once you set up your Amazon Business account, you can take advantage of the below features to help you support your employee programs and perks.

  • Multiple User Account

    By adding users, your employees have the flexibility to purchase what they need, and you gain visibility into all purchases on the account. A payment method will need to be set up for each user. That method can be the same for every user or unique to each user.

    Once you have the Multiple User Account set up, you can use the Business Lists, Approvals, and Budgets features to help you support your initiatives.


    Learn more about Multi User Accounts
  • Business Lists

    The Business Lists feature allows you to create a pre-determined set of items - whether these are books, IT equipment, or employee recognition items. You get to guide what your employees can purchase through a list. 

    Explore Business Lists
  • Set Approval Policies on Orders

    For added visibility, you can create approval policies on all orders, set spending thresholds or ranges, and add multiple tiers of approvers.

    Learn more about Approval Policies
  • Set Employee Budgets

    You can set a budget for each employee or initiative to help you control spend. 

    Learn more about Budgets

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