How To Get Certified As A Small Business Or Diverse Seller How To Get Certified As A Small Business Or Diverse Seller

How to get certified as a small business or diverse seller

How to get certified as a small business, a diverse seller, or both, and what the benefits of certifications are.

Getting certified as a small or diverse seller helps your business be found on Amazon Business by organizations looking to support small or diverse businesses.

We continue to hear from purchasers that they want to invest in and spend money with small and diverse businesses from their local communities. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Deloitte Global estimates that over 90% of large corporations are interested in socially responsible purchasing, and over 60% of their procurement offices are now being formally measured by how much they spend with small and diverse suppliers. One of the critical ways we are working with organizations is making small, diverse, and local sellers more visible and searchable on Amazon Business.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) works with federal agencies to award 23% of government contract dollars to eligible small businesses. And the government has a goal to grow the share of spending with small and diverse businesses to 15% over the next few years . Because of this, the SBA and other state and local agencies offer assistance with certifications and accessing small business and diverse spend. (

How to become a certified small business

Amazon Business does not certify businesses, but we accept nationally recognized certifications. Below are three ways to get certified.   

  • SupplierGateway

    Go to:

    1) Enter required Fields

    2) Select your Business type:

    • Small Business
    • Women-owned
    • Veteran-owned
    • etc.

    3) Pay enrollment fee: $25

    Time to certify: 90 minutes  

  • Small Business Administration

    Go to:

    1) Select your business type to register:

    • Small Business
    • Women-owned
    • Veteran-owned
    • Minority-owned

    2).Select: "Register your entity to get a unique Entity ID"

    3) Registration Fee: $0

    Time to certify: Up to 10 business days

  • The System for Award Management

    Go to: 

    1) Select  Register your entity or get a unique Entity ID

    2) Set up a account.

    3) Prepare  your data

    4.) Click - Get Started

    5) Registration fee: $0

    Time to certify: Up to 10 business days

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