Business Lists

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Do you find yourself buying the same thing over and over for your business? With Business Lists you can simplify the buying process for repeat purchases. Create multiple lists for common items you’re restocking such as cleaning or mailing to help save you time so you can focus on growing your business.


Shopping List
A Shopping List on the other hand, is for items that you plan on purchasing once. For example, a Shopping List shared with new employees where they can purchase their onboarding materials or work from home supplies. Once a purchase has been made from this list, the item will be filtered out of view. You can toggle the list to see previously purchased items should you need to see them again.


Reorder List
Reorder Lists are for items that you purchase frequently, but not so frequently that you may want to set up a recurring delivery for. When you purchase from a Reorder List, the item remains visible on the list so you can always find it again later on.


How to create a list
You have numerous options to add items to your Lists, whether you are brand new to Amazon Business or have had your account for years. On the Create List page, you can choose from the following options to search for items to add to your list:

  • Your Order history
  • Keyword
  • An ASIN (Amazon Product Number)
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • Amazon URL
  • Supplier and SKU
  • Manufacturer Part Number

Manage lists on the go
Lists can be accessed anytime on Desktop or on the Amazon Business Mobile App, for easy purchasing on the go.
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