Types of press and media communications

Featuring Maya Penn, CEO, Maya’s Idea

Learn how to grow your business with local publications, niche communities, new forms of media, and by collaborating and building relationships.

Maya Penn is an award-winning founder and CEO of sustainable fashion brand Maya’s Ideas, started in 2008 when she was just eight years old. Maya is a sustainability, CSR, and brand consultant, artist, animator, eco-designer, 3-time TED speaker, and Simon & Schuster author. Maya’s book, You Got This! is being used in schools around the world as curriculum to teach youth sustainable entrepreneurship, creative problem solving, and giving back. She has been certified by University of Cambridge Business School in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategy. Maya consults a number of brands from Fortune 500 businesses to small start-ups. She has received a commendation from President Barack Obama for outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship and is Oprah’s youngest Supersoul 100 entrepreneur and change maker. She has been featured in Forbes, TIME, People, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, The View, Grist, and more.

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