Discover and purchase more sustainable products

Procurement leaders are positioned to positively impact their organization’s sustainability goals.
In line with Amazon’s commitment to building a sustainable business for our customers and the planet,
Amazon Business empowers organizations to take concrete steps towards increasing purchases of more sustainable products.

Use Amazon Business to drive progress on your sustainability goals

Simplify the process of finding and purchasing products with sustainability certifications. We partnered with trusted third-party certifications and created our own certifications, Compact by Design and Pre-owned Certified, to highlight products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world. You’ll see these products labeled as Climate Pledge Friendly in our store.

  • shop products with sustainability certifications

    Discover thousands of products with sustainability certifications

    Shop over 300,000 products with the Climate Pledge Friendly label from 40+ certifiers. Certifications include EPEAT and ENERGY STAR, and certifiers such as Forest Stewardship Council.

  • save time

    Reduce time searching for Climate Pledge Friendly products

    Administrators can create Buying Policies to direct your team to the products and sellers that satisfy your organization's purchasing goals. Create a sustainability policy to shift your organization’s purchasing to prefer products with sustainability certifications.

  • simplify reporting

    Simplify reporting on your goals

    Track spend on products with sustainability certifications and simplify reporting on corporate or team goals. Use Amazon Business Analytics to create exportable order reports that allow you to filter by sustainability certifications.

  • Amazon business

    Choose flexible delivery options

    All Amazon Business customers can set delivery times to avoid peak traffic or receive deliveries on pallets when available to reduce packaging. Business Prime members can choose Amazon Day to minimize the number of deliveries and packages by selecting one day of the week to receive weekly eligible ordered items. In addition to providing a flexible delivery option, Amazon Day also grants a 1% discount applied at checkout. Terms and conditions apply.

“We are consolidating orders and shipments with Amazon Business to one day per week timed with our vessel schedules. This adds reliability to our supply chain, and will have a positive impact on our ambition and commitment to be net zero by 2050.”

— Justin Burnett, Vice President of Materials Management and Warehousing, bp

Amazon Business Analytics report

Simplify reporting on your goals by creating exportable order reports you can filter by sustainability certifications.


“We’re continually looking at ways to include more sustainable practices in our everyday work. With Amazon Business, we will be able to point internal buyers to products that are Climate Pledge Friendly.”

— Julia Braun, Senior Director of Strategic Vendor Operations, Smartsheet

Start purchasing more sustainable products

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