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Boost Government Dollars Through Bulk Purchasing

Streamline high-volume purchases with Amazon Business

In 2020, government spending on contracts amounted to $682 billion, the highest spending in the last five years. However, for the past two years, there has been a dip in spending with procurement spend estimated to cap at $617 billion in 2022. With budgets tightening, agencies need to make smart business buying decisions. One way that U.S. government entities can stretch their budgets is to take advantage of Amazon Business’ high-volume solutions, which will save employees time and taxpayers money.

At Amazon Business, we understand the complexity of government purchasing and aim to empower your agency to spend wisely and carefully. Streamlining your bulk purchases with Amazon Business’ high-volume solutions – Bulk Buying Tool (BBT) and our Request for Quote (RFQ) – allows just that.


What are the benefits of Bulk Buying?

There are multiple benefits for you to consider when purchasing in larger quantities. The biggest is cost savings. When wholesalers buy large quantities at discounted rates, they pass those savings to retailers. Amazon Business can be your one-stop shop for instant volume savings with bulk buying.

Our Bulk Buying Tool (BBT) can:

  • Consolidate offers from multiple suppliers when a single supplier doesn’t have enough inventory, ensuring your bulk needs are met
  • Combine offers from multiple suppliers to find the lowest price – even if a single supplier has enough inventory – to maximize savings

Take advantage of features like Quantity Discounts (available on over 40M products) and case packs (available on over 1M products) for offices, break rooms, janitorial supplies, first responder equipment, and more. For large volume needs, we even offer spot buys and pallets. Whether you need two or two thousand items, your bulk supply needs are covered.


How can I request multiple quotes?

The Request for Quote allows government agencies to request a discounted price on single-SKU orders greater than $10,000 USD or 999 units. We’ll take care of finding pre-vetted bulk suppliers who can support custom offers tailored to your agency’s policies. Plus, we will provide multiple quotes so you can get competitively-priced offers.

How does Request for Quote work:

  • Set your desired price and quantity for high-volume purchases and request a quote.
  • Access thousands of pre-vetted bulk suppliers who can support custom offers tailored to your agency’s policy.
  • Select the winning bid and save up to 10%.

Sourcing quotes for bulk orders can be complex and time-consuming. Skip back-and-forth negotiations with suppliers with Bulk Buying Tool and Request for Quote from Amazon Business, and save money.

Streamline high-volume purchases and start saving

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