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Introducing Business Giving, a new tool for giving gifts and rewards

Easily create and maintain gifting programs for employees, clients, and more

Amazon Business introduces Business Giving, a new tool for purchasing and distributing items to others. Business customers can now create product vouchers to give items to those in and outside of their organization. This new offering simplifies giving, making it easy to give gifts, grants, stipends, and incentives, and helps them to practice smart business buying.


“We’ve heard from our customers that giving items, like gifts for employees, often creates too much administrative complexity,” says Priyansh Maru, Senior Product Lead for Business Giving. “We saw this as an opportunity to simplify the giving process and create a seamless experience for the organization and the recipient."


Organizations looking to gift items often face time-consuming processes like collecting recipient information, and ordering, storing, and distributing items. Business Giving streamlines this process, provides recipients flexibility, and makes smart business buying easier. 


You can now create your own campaign, pre-fund vouchers with your preferred payment method, set a redemption timeframe, and curate a catalog of items that recipients can choose from. Send an invite to recipients to redeem their voucher and select their item variation (size, color, style) and preferred delivery location. Recipients can also manage returns and access support directly through Amazon.

"In the past we have purchased a certain amount of items not knowing who would qualify, which caused us to have excess inventory. With Business Giving we did not have excess inventory and only had to pay for what we needed."

— Dawn Raphael | Product Sales Senior Logistics Manager, Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council

Getting started with Business Giving is easy.

How to create a campaign

Step 1. Create a campaign
Start by clicking on Business Giving under Business Settings. Create a campaign, input details, set a budget, and determine your start and end date. Voucher redemption can only occur during the active campaign dates and any funds unused by the end date will be returned to the original form of payment.

Screenshot of business giving interface

Step 2: Create your catalog
Create your catalog by using the search bar to find individual items or adding items from existing lists. Your recipients will only be able to use their voucher on items from this catalog.

Screenshot of business giving interface

Step 3: Invite recipients
You have the option to add individual recipients or upload a .csv file to add multiple recipients at the same time. If you previously selected to only invite recipients within your organization, you can add recipients from your Amazon Business account. If you did not make that selection, you have the option to add recipients who are not connected to your account.

Screenshot of business giving interface

Step 4. Checkout and send invites
You will go through the familiar Amazon checkout experience, select your preferred payment method, and place your order. Your invites will be sent to recipients shortly. 

Screenshot of business giving interface

Step 5. Track progress and add funds
Review your campaign at any time to monitor redemption progress, including the amount spent and remaining. You can also go back to add additional funds and/or manage recipients.

Screenshot of business giving interface

Simplify your organization's giving

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