Business Giving

Business Giving

Maintain control over item selection and spend and reduce administrative burden for smart business buying that makes giving easy.

Giving gifts, rewards, and stipends is simple with our new tool, Business Giving

Business Giving is a tool for purchasing and distributing items to others. Business customers can create a campaign, pre-fund vouchers, select recipients, and create a list of items that they can choose from. With Business Giving, you can give recipients the flexibility to select their preferred item and eliminate the need for manual processes such as placing and unboxing orders.

  • Save time

    Eliminate the need to collect information, order, unbox, organization, store, distribute, deliver items, and track returns.

  • Free up space

    Forget about finding additional space for storing items planned for distribution or pick up. Recipients can have the item conveniently delivered to their preferred location and manage returns directly through Amazon.

  • Manage spend

    Fund vouchers with your preferred payment method on your Amazon Business account. Set spend thresholds and add additional funds when needed. Any unused funds will be returned after your selected campaign end date.

  • Give recipients flexibility

    Curate a catalog of eligible items for gifting and allow recipients to choose their own preferred item along with any potential variations, including style, color, and size.

When to use Business Giving

  • Recognition

    Gift employees, recognize and reward employee milestones, and provide welcome kits for new hires.

  • Stipends

    Equip employees and contractors, provide uniforms and safety equipment , and fund employee well-being prorgams.

  • Philanthropy

    Distribute grants, award scholarships, equip local clubs and chapters, and subsidize beneficiary purchasing.

  • Incentives

    Incentivize customers to try new products, reward loyal customers, activate cusomer purchasing.

Learn more about how to get started using our how-to guide

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1. Create a campaign

Create a new giving campaign, determine start and end dates, set a budget, and curate a catalog of items for recipients to choose from.

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2. Notify recipients

Send a personalized message to your recipients and invite them to redeem their voucher and select their item.

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3. Start giving

Give recipients the flexibility to choose their preferred item and variation (size, style, color) along with the familiar Amazon shopping experience.

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4. Track progress

Monitor campaigns, add addtional items or funds, and view redemption progress. Any unsused funds will be returned after your selected campaign end date.


  • ACH and Credit/Debit Cards can be used to prefund vouchers and vouchers must be paid for before they are sent. There are two options for administrators:

    - Pay as You Go: This option allows you to pay only for the vouchers that you send out with initial campaign set up and you can come back to the campaign at any time to add and pay for additional vouchers, as needed. 
    - Pay for Total Program Upfront: This option allows you to attach funds to your campaign to be used at any time and you can allocate some funds to vouchers in initial campaign set up. Remaining funds will stay attached to the campaign for later use. When you come back to add more vouchers to the campaign, you will draw from those funds without having to go back through checkout. 

  • Recipients will receive an email from Amazon inviting them to redeem their voucher. From this email, they will be directed to your pre-curated catalog where they can choose their items and checkout. If the order total is more than the available voucher balance, recipients can cover the remaining balance using their own payment methods.

  • Recipients can manage and return their orders using Amazon's return process, either through the Amazon website or by reaching out to Amazon's customer service. Orders are subject to standard Returns Policy.

  • In general, recipients will be charged taxes on their purchases. If an organization has a valid tax exemption on file in the account where the voucher is being redeemed, and that purchase qualifies for tax exemption, recipients will not be charged tax.

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