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Post-Purchase Reconciliation Made Easy

Explore the enhanced features of Business Order Info to streamline your organization’s procurement reporting, accounting and post-purchase reconciliation processes.

In the world of modern business management, the optimization of procurement reporting, accounting, and post-purchase reconciliation is critical to maintaining accurate business forecasts, pragmatic reconciliation, cost allocation, and insightful spend analysis. Amazon Business's Business Order Info feature set offers a solution designed to aid organizations in reconciling order-related information seamlessly within their business reporting. 

Our setup provides a streamlined checkout process for our users by saving time and removing unneeded clicks by having Business Order Info defaulted by the sub-group. Also, this helps to eliminate errors that would have been an issue. Business Order Info also helps us with invoice reconciliation making it easier for AP to understand what funds should be applied for the payments.

— Paula Aldous, Executive Director of Business and Finance at Chesterfield County Public Schools

Administrators can establish order information using six pre-defined fields – Cost Center, Location Code, Department Code, Account Number, Project Code, and GL Code – along with 13 additional custom fields. Buyers can populate these fields when placing an order, allowing the association of this information with their business orders. Business Order Info, as a facilitator, integrates approval workflows and integration into reconciliation mechanisms like order details, invoices, business analytics reports, and packing slips. It supports key processes in cost accounting, financial reconciliation, and spend analysis, and aligns purchasing practices with internal financial organizational structures.

Business Order Information

Recent Updates:

1. Extended Dropdown Limits and Search Functionality in Checkout

The first update expands the dropdown options per field from 100 to 500; offering administrators increased flexibility in configuring Business Order Info fields with organizational reporting. Buyers can now utilize a search function during checkout, enabling them to quickly find the appropriate dropdown value and eliminating the need to scroll through an extensive list of options.


2. Group Level Business Order Info Configuration

The second update introduces the capability to configure Business Order Info at the Amazon Business group level. This feature enhancement allows administrators to streamline the setup and management of Business Order Info fields and values at the group level, allowing customization that aligns with an organization’s specific reporting and accounting needs.

By simply toggling the group name at the top of the checkout page, the users can choose what rules should apply to their purchase. With the control I have over the settings, we can ensure employees are capturing all the information we need and getting appropriate approval when paying by invoice, while also giving our employees the benefit of a quick and easy Amazon Business Prime experience.

— Megan Wright, Procurement Operations at Admiral Insurance

In essence, these updates empower administrators to simplify the purchasing experience for buyers, reduce the effort required to adhere to order-related procurement details, and streamline cross-departmental communication for monitoring and validating Business Order Info fields and values.

For further information about Business Order Info:

    1. Sign into your Amazon Business account and go to Business settings.
    2. Under Billing & shipping, select Business Order Info. (If you wish to set up order information for a specific group, select the Group from the Members.)
    3. Toggle the Enabled button adjacent to each field you want to use.
    4. Select the Enabled button to create customized fields and add custom fields as needed. (Limit of 19 fields)
      - Select either the Open text field or the List of defined options.
      - If you selected a List of defined options, add up to 500 options.
      - Select the Default selection, if applicable.
    5. Check the Required checkbox for any fields you want to make mandatory.
    6. Select Save to finalize the changes.

Please note that Business Order Info is currently available only to direct website ordering Amazon Business customers. It is not enabled for Punchout customers.

Visit the Business Order Info page to get started today.

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