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Earn rewards on Amazon Private Brands

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Three ways to maximize savings with Business Prime Rewards

Eligible members have plenty of ways to earn rewards, including getting 2% back on Amazon Private Brands purchases.

Earlier this year, we launched Business Prime Rewards, which gives sole proprietors and small business owners a new way to stack up meaningful savings on purchases for their organization, helping them practice smart business buying.

Today, we're excited to add yet another earning opportunity to the Business Prime Rewards program. When eligible customers buy Amazon Private Brands products, they’ll earn a flat 2% back on eligible purchases up to $1,000 per-year. Combine those savings with other rewards earning opportunities, and that percentage of earnings continues to grow. Get started by shopping for Amazon Private Brands products now. 

"Offering Business Prime Rewards on eligible Amazon Private Brands purchases helps customers save on everyday purchases like copy paper and breakroom supplies," said Mark Miller, worldwide head of Business Prime. “We're always thrilled when we find new ways to help our customers re-invest in their business.”

Here are three ways a Business Prime member can optimize their return with Business Prime Rewards:

1. Stack rewards and maximize earning potential

One of the best ways for customers to maximize their rewards earning opportunities is to pair automatic savings with completed offers, creating a “stacking” effect with the overall percentage they can get back when making eligible purchases.

When customers order from familiar brands like Amazon Basics, Amazon Essentials, and more, they’ll automatically earn 2% back in Business Prime Rewards, no opt-in necessary. Then, if a customer has additional offers available – like adding their first buying policy, or enrolling in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program — they can amplify their potential savings and stack up greater rewards.

Soon, 2% could become 4%, 6%, or even more up to the yearly cap— all depending on how many eligible offers a customer has available in their account, and how they’ve interacted with the program. 

Business Prime Rewards

2. Save time (and earn) with the Amazon Business mobile app
A major benefit of a Business Prime Duo or Essentials membership is the ability for small business owners to separate their home and work purchases, saving them valuable time they can reinvest in their business. With the Amazon Business mobile app, eligible customers can earn Business Prime Rewards when they sign in for the first time (opt-in required via the Business Prime Rewards Dashboard).

Learn more about the Amazon Business mobile app. Before you download, check to see if you have an offer to earn rewards on this action. If so, opt in, download, and begin shopping with the same familiar experience of your personal Amazon.com account. 

Business Prime Rewards

3. Pay in points as you go, or save them up for something big
The sweetest part of the Business Prime Rewards program? Cashing in those points on your future eligible business purchases. Members don’t have to wait until they’ve accrued enough points to cover an entire order, however.

If you’re the type of customer who finds value in taking a little off the top each time at checkout, simply choose the amount of rewards points you’d like to apply to an order. Other customers might find it more useful to simply wait until they’ve gathered enough points to cover an entire purchase. Either way, the ability for Business Prime members to directly re-invest those savings back into their business can be a game-changer.

Business Prime Rewards

If you’re a Business Prime member who has yet to take advantage of the Rewards program, get started by visiting your Dashboard today. Learn more about the program, see available offers for your account, and find new ways to save on the purchases you’re making for your business. Combined with the benefits of your plan, like fast, free business shipping, and convenient delivery on eligible orders, Business Prime Rewards is just another way Amazon Business empowering its customers who are sole proprietors or small business owners.

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