Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business from Constant Contact

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Digital Marketing Tips from Constant Contact

Learn how to build your email and sms contact list, start text marketing, and get the basics of social media marketing with Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact.

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Small Business Digital Marketing Tips from Constant Contact

Amazon Business has partnered with Constant Contact, a provider of email, web, social media, text, and event marketing tools for small businesses and non-profits, to help you start, manage, and grow your small business' digital marketing efforts. During the Digital Marketing for Small Business session at the Amazon Business Small Business Summit 2023, Dave covers the fundamentals of social media marketing, email marketing, and text/SMS marketing. In the below guest posts, Dave walks you through how to create your digital marketing contact list and more.  


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Watch Dave Charest cover digital marketing tips for small businesses: 

About Constant Contact 

Constant Contact delivers for small businesses and nonprofits with powerful tools that simplify and amplify digital marketing. Whether it's driving sales, growing a customer base or engaging an audience, we deliver the performance and guidance to build strong connections and generate powerful results.

About Dave Charest

Dave Charest is Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, the online marketing leader trusted by millions of small businesses to provide email, web, social media, text and event marketing tools. In his role, Dave acts as an educator and an advocate for small business leaders, marketing professionals, and nonprofits by providing them with practical marketing advice that can help them achieve their goals. He is a dynamic leader, speaker, creator, and award-winning marketer who strives to inspire small businesses by simplifying the complex world of online marketing

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