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Four tips on how to sell on Amazon Business successfully - from current small business sellers

In honor of Small Business Month, our small business sellers offer their top tips for selling on Amazon Business.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. At Amazon Business, we are committed to helping our small business sellers thrive by giving them the tools to reach our business customers at scale.

In honor of Small Business Month, we have asked a few of our small business sellers for tips they would give to new B2B sellers. Whether you are an existing Amazon Business seller, or a current customer looking for new channels to grow your business, check out these tips from our small business sellers.

Tip #1
“Take advantage of the tools and opportunities available from Amazon Business. There is huge growth opportunity, especially if your products are needed in specific business segments.” - ClickHere2Shop

Amazon Business has developed seller tools and features specifically to target business customers. Examples include the ability to add business-relevant selection based on customer demand signals, add business prices and quantity discounts to help business customers save money, and create case packs to incentivize larger volume purchases.

Tip #2
“Be open to participating in beta programs and new initiatives that Amazon rolls out.” - SpaceBound

At Amazon Business, we are constantly evolving our products and programs to better serve our sellers, and ultimately our joint customers. We rely heavily on the active participation from our sellers to test new initiatives, provide constructive feedback, and help improve our programs.

Tip #3
“Get certifications to increase visibility to your products on Amazon Business.” - Leevax

Many business customers activate Guided Buying policies to direct a portion of their spend towards sellers that meet certain diversity and quality requirements. As a seller, you can upload certifications to your business profile to reach those customers. Amazon Business also recognizes federal compliance certifications that allow companies to sell directly to U.S. federal government agencies without the need to secure individual contracts. This saves sellers both time and money.

Tip #4
“Work with and follow the guidance from Amazon’s strategic account managers.” - SpaceBound

Your success is our success. Dedicated account representatives work day in and day out to strategize with their sellers to ensure they are meeting their business goals ensure their sellers have the tools they need to reach the right business customers and grow sales. For those that do not have an account manager, we have a robust self-service portal and regularly communicate with our sellers to help them navigate our B2B tools.

If you are interested in selling on Amazon Business, visit amazon.com/sellb2b.

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