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How to sell on Amazon Business

Learn how to become an Amazon Business seller in a few simple steps.

In this presentation, Ian Moser, Account Manager, Amazon Business, walks you through the steps you need to take to sell to businesses on Amazon Business. Watch now.

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To sell to businesses on Amazon Business, you will need to register for a Professional Selling Account. With a Professional Selling Account, you can sell both to businesses and consumers. For more information, take a look at the Amazon Business selling guide.

1) There are many benefits to selling to businesses:

  • There are tools designed for B2B within the Professional Selling Account.
  • We’ll recommend what products to sell based on your business’ selection, even if some of these products are not yet on Amazon. 
  • You can differentiate your prices for businesses
  • Businesses tend to buy more units.


2) Create a Professional Seller Account


3) Set up your products

  • Add your products to your seller account and set your prices.


4) Create a Business Profile

  • Let people know who they are buying from.


5) Start selling!

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