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3 Tips on Growing Your B2B Store From Scratch

In celebration of Small Business Month, learn best practices from some of our small business sellers.

During Small Business Month, we celebrate small businesses as they are instrumental in driving economic success. Small businesses bring in new ideas and innovation to our community. It's a time for communities, governments, and buyers to recognize the determination and effort of small business owners and how they help shape society.

We are committed to empowering small business sellers and equipping them with helpful resources in order to connect seamlessly with our expansive network of business customers. In celebration of Small Business Month, we've reached out to select small business sellers for insights to share with the B2B community. Whether you're new to selling on B2B, a seasoned seller seeking to expand your reach, or a prospective customer exploring avenues for business growth, dive into these tips curated directly from our esteemed small business sellers.

Tip #1: “Take the time in understanding the benefits of Amazon Business” - The Boxery

When launching your store, take the time to understand the benefits and perks of selling on Amazon Business, especially the suite of features and tools that can help you connect with B2B customers. Business customers often buy in larger quantities and return items less—which means you can sell more with less time and effort.


Tip #2: “Activate B2B-specific features to drive growth” - Adorama

Activating B2B-specific features on Amazon Business, such as adding certifications, optimizing pricing, identifying B2B product recommendations, and tailoring delivery to B2B customers, can help you grow and scale your B2B store. With our suite of B2B-specific features, you can take advantage of everyday savings, improved visibility to your listings, and create credibility with other selling partners. Leveraging these tools not only helps drive significant growth but also strengthens customer relationships.

Tip #3: “Build trust and credibility through small business certifications” - Cymbal Communications

Business customers often use Guided Buying policies to direct spending toward sellers meeting diversity and quality criteria. Sellers can upload diverse and small business certifications to their profiles to attract these customers and sell with confidence. Amazon Business recognizes federal compliance certifications, allowing sellers to sell directly to U.S. federal government agencies without individual contracts, saving time and money.



If you are interested in selling on Amazon Business, visit For existing sellers interested in learning more about our certifications program, visit the Certifications page on Seller Central.

Interested in becoming an Amazon Business certified seller? SIgn up now, or learn more about our certifcations programs.

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