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Mastering Back to School Procurement for District Administrators

Expert tips and tricks to optimize your Amazon Business account for a successful school year

WEBINAR: Enhancing Back to School Purchasing with Amazon Business for Education

Gain greater control and visibility over purchasing: A training for district administrators

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Get equipped for back to school purchasing with valuable tips, best practices, and features within your Amazon Business account that make prepping for return to class more seamless for administrators, faculty, and staff. Highlights from this webinar include:



User review and account management

A crucial step in prepping for the upcoming school year is conducting a comprehensive review of Amazon Business users on your account. This includes identifying who should be on the account, adding new staff, and removing individuals who are no longer part of the district. To perform this review, you can easily download a list of people associated with your account via the Business Settings section and selecting the People tab. It's important to keep this list updated and manage user roles frequently.


Integrations and security

Amazon Business integrates with over 150+ e-procurement systems and offers secure one-click access with Single Sign-on (SSO). SSO not only enhances user management, but also ensures that your district's security protocols are upheld within the Amazon Business account. It simplifies the login process for end-users, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. Implementing SSO does not automatically add every district member to the Amazon Business account – you have complete control over who can access the account through SSO based on your approved user list.


Organizing users into group and approval workflows

To streamline ordering and maintain control over purchases, organize users into groups. This can be done based on buildings, departments, or other relevant criteria within your district. By setting up approval workflows, you can ensure that all orders are thoroughly reviewed before final purchase. Users have the ability to submit orders for approval but cannot make purchases without going through the designated workflow. These workflows can be customized based on specific individuals or departments, allowing for efficient and targeted approval processes.



Preparing for the new school year involves strategic planning and efficient purchasing processes. By conducting a user review, integrating with cloud platforms, and implementing approval workflows, you can optimize your Amazon Business account to ensure a successful start to the upcoming school year.

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