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Small business office supply trends

Explore the latest in sustainability and a classic that's made a comeback.

This year we are seeing staple office supplies come available in more sustainable versions and we are also seeing a classic stationary product make a comeback.


Sustainable office products 


Recycled and recyclable writing instruments 


The classic and convenient disposable pen is now available in varieties made from recycled and sustainable materials such as cork.  There are recyclable varieties as well. Shop recycled pens > 


Smart notebooks 

If you enjoy taking notes by hand but want to minimize your use of paper and store your notes electronically, you can invest in a smart notebook. Shop smart notebooks >


Biodegradable and greener tape

Basic tape, an office staple, can now be found in varieties made from recycled or plant based-based materials. Shop sustainable tape >


Erasable calendars 

Whether you need one for the wall, the fridge, or the desk, dry erasable calendars and calendar boards come in many varieties. Not only are they sustainable, they can be a helpful collaboration and communication tool as well. Shop erasable calendars >


Recycled printer paper

30% recycled? 100% recycled? You can pick how green you want your business printing practices to be. You can even go tree free with a paper made from sugar cane fibers. Shop recycled printer paper > 


Classic office supply makes a come back 


A note of gratitude 

While emails and texts have replaced many paper-based communications, some small businesses are going back to the classic, handwritten, postage-paid note of appreciation.  Shop thank you cards >


More office-related trends 

Check out the latest office furniture trends. Looking for office furniture and supply basics? Check out the Amazon Basics office collection for the latest in quality, value-priced office furniture and supplies. 

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