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Reduce the back-and-forth with Approval Workflows

Empower your employees with Amazon Business Approval Workflows. Delegate approvers for policies, approve purchases in bulk, and approve on-the-go with the Amazon Business Mobile App.

The ease of purchasing on Amazon Business allows employees to find and receive what they need, when they need it. However, increased adoption can lead to a loss of control and visibility of spend patterns. As organizations scale, smart buying tools like Approval Workflows help reduce time spent reviewing purchases while maintaining compliance with internal spending policies.

Customizable Amazon Business workflows help control spending limits, set approvers, and more. Quickly scale workflows across your organization or customize them for different groups. You can also integrate with your existing e-procurement system to use existing workflows.


Set up policies

Create Buying Policies that clearly identify preferred products and sellers in line with your organization’s purchasing goals, making it easy for users to discover and place orders for recommended products, such as those from local sellers or with sustainability certifications.


Designate approvers

Assign one or more approvers per policy, each with their ability to grant approvals for a quicker turnaround time across your organization. Approvers can edit orders, leave comments for buyers, and delegate a user to approve on their behalf when they are out of the office or on vacation.

"We worked with Amazon Business to set up a solution in a matter of days that created immediate time and cost savings for our team. We set up an approval workflow so that managers could review and approve employee spending, and consolidated all purchases on a single invoice, reducing multiple transactions to deal with to one."

— Adam Cohen, Senior Manager of Finance & Accounting, Mason



Reduce manual processes

Enable batch approvals by policy to ensure control and streamline efficiencies. Bulk approvals by policy allow administrators to determine which policies can allow purchases to be approved in groups, while other policies can continue to require individual approvals. Utilizing these checkpoints speeds up the pre-approval process and allows purchasers to buy designated products with confidence.


Approve on the go

Once a purchase with an approval requirement is submitted, an email notification is sent out to the designated approvers. Reminders are sent within three days if the order hasn’t been approved or rejected. Away from your desk? Approvers can use the Amazon Business Mobile App to approve purchases with the click of a button. 

Ready to set up approval workflows?

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