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Reducing waste in your supply chain

Anthony Jenkins of Amazon Business joined the SupplyChainTalk podcast to discuss reducing waste across the supply chain

Why focus on reducing waste in your supply chain?

Reducing waste in the supply chain is both an important opportunity and ongoing challenge for businesses as they seek to reduce their waste, reduce their costs, and appeal to a customer base that has increasingly become focused on equity, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. As an example, NeilsenIQ’s 2023 Sustainability Report revealed that 64% of consumers say they are more likely to choose a sustainable brand – even if they have to pay more.

Anthony Jenkins, Senior Product Manager for Sustainability at Amazon Business, recently joined host Alastair Charatan of SupplyChainTalk to discussing reducing waste across the supply chain. The panel included speakers from PriceWaterhouse Coopers, TMS, and Supply Chain Sustainability School. Their conversation covered the following questions:

  • Using automated technology to handle perishables and recyclables across your supply chains
  • How can analytics reduce waste across your supply chains?
  • How do unsustainable supply chain methods impact your reputation?

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View the episode on the SupplyChainTalk webpage.

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