Forrester report proves Amazon Business customers with Business Prime benefit from easy-to-use analytics features with Spend Visibility
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Spend Visibility saves Business Prime Enterprise members up to 20% in procurement costs

Forrester report proves customers benefit from easy-to-use analytics features

Amazon Business commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate the value of a Business Prime membership, including cost and time savings attributed to the program’s benefits. Among other powerful tools and features exclusive to Business Prime, customers placed insights gathered from Spend Visibility dashboards  among the most impactful. 

“[Business Prime] has a lot of analytics,” said a senior supply chain and business planning advisor from the energy sector. “And with our large quantity purchases, it can provide insight for us to build strategies around.“

To better understand how customers with a Business Prime plan practice smart business buying, Forrester interviewed representatives from six global organizations and surveyed an additional 219 customers from across North America and Europe. Download The Total Economic Impact of Amazon Business with Business Prime report and learn more about how customers are putting other membership benefits to work for their organization.

According to one of the key findings from the study, the composite customer can save upwards of 20% on product costs over a three-year period thanks to data visualizations from Spend Visibility dashboards. Further, 68% of those surveyed said they saw improved management over purchases, citing Spend Visibility as a key factor.

“Spend Visibility is huge for us. Even if we didn’t save money and broke even in costs with a prior vendor, the visibility and all of the other benefits that come with that outweigh it.” 

— Director of strategic sourcing, agriculture industry

Spend Visibility is a Business Prime-exclusive benefit that helps organizations track buying patterns to optimize savings. Data visualizations within Business Analytics dashboard are available to Amazon Business customers. Spend Visibility is designed to help easily locate potential compliance issues and find opportunities to save in the future. This cloud-based system allows customers to access analysis via data filters, and get instant insights, manage KPIs, and uncover spending trends from any device.

Customers made it clear that insights gathered from Spend Visibility dashboards were a major saver of both time and money for organizations on the Enterprise plan. According to the report’s findings, these advanced analytics and data visualizations contributed to cost savings in a number of ways, including helping teams limit repeat purchases, rogue buying, and spending beyond allocated budgets.

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Among other key benefits, details available within those Spend Visibility-enabled dashboards (without the need for further data extraction or formatting) led to an expedited analysis of data, which helped teams make faster purchasing decisions. Forrester estimates that customers save upwards of 720 hours over that three-year period, relieving managerial budget oversight and accelerating access to a wider variety of products. Customers cited avoiding shipping costs and onboarding fewer suppliers after Spend Visibility dashboards helped them identify a variety of products they could purchase in bulk more often.

“Spend Visibility is huge for us,” said a director of strategic sourcing from the agriculture industry. “Even if we didn’t save money and broke even in costs with a prior vendor, the visibility and all of the other benefits that come with that outweigh it.”

Depending on a customer’s plan, Business Prime unlocks varying levels of team access to Spend Visibility. Essentials plan members have access to dashboards for three readers. The Small (1 author, 10 readers), Medium (1 author, 100 readers), and Enterprise plans (2 authors, 100 readers) build on one another to provide members with additional functionality. 

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