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Track Organization Spending and Savings on Amazon Business

Introducing the Monthly Spending Summary Email, a monthly recap from Amazon Business Analytics

It's important to keep track of your organization's purchases and have a clear picture of overall savings. Based on customer feedback, Amazon Business Analytics has launched a new feature, the Monthly Spending Summary Email, which provides you with a summarized view of your organizational spend and savings by shopping on Amazon Business in easy-to-read email.

Amazon Business Analytics is driven to innovate and simplify data analysis for our customers. Monthly Spend Summary emails conveniently provide procurement managers Amazon Business organizational spend and savings information right in their inbox.

— Brett Tuson, Director, Amazon Business

If you are the account administrator or business owner of Amazon Business accounts in the US and ordered in the prior month, you will receive a monthly snapshot of your organization's Total Spend, Total Savings, and Number of Orders. If you are a Business Prime member, you will also have visibility into your organization's savings as buyers on Amazon Business. If you are not a Business Prime member, you will see an estimate of shipping savings that you could see with Business Prime. This feature will help you decide if Business Prime might be a good fit for your organization. You can expect to receive this email by the 5th business day of every month.

Monthly Spending Summary Email

By sending a monthly recap of your purchases straight to your inbox, Amazon Business makes it effortless for you to track your organizational spend and get savings data. With this new feature, you can stay informed and in control of your organization’s finances and make better buying decisions in the future. The Monthly Spending Summary Email also offers the necessary transparency on organizational spending sent directly to your inbox without the need to perform time-consuming data analysis.

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*Note that account administrators/business owners whose email addresses are from free domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Outlook, AOL, iCloud, and Comcast will be restricted from receiving the Monthly Spending Summary Email.


Check out the Release note here.

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