Cleaning tools and products buying guide for your business

Cleaning tools and products buying guide for your business

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Having a clean workspace is essential for a productive business. There are a variety of tools available that can help achieve a clean work environment. From brooms or mops that have floors shining, or disinfecting wipes to keep surfaces germ free, you can source the right products for your business. Learn about what tools and products can help maintain a clean work space and how Amazon Business can help.



Cleaning tool and product essentials for your business


Though each business will have different needs, there are basic products and tools that should be part of your cleaning arsenal. See below for the essential items that will help keep your workspace clean.


Brooms, brushes, mops, & squeegees: These tools can help keep floors, mirrors, and windows shining. Easily sweep dust bunnies away with a broom and use a squeegee to keep your windows or mirrors streak free.


Cleaning & disinfecting wipes: Keep multiple types of surfaces free of scuffs and stains with some heavy duty cleaning wipes. Available in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to procure the right amount you need to keep your business sparkling.


Cleaning chemicals: Sometimes it takes a little bit of extra elbow grease to keep your business clean. Utilizing products such as cleaning chemicals can give you that extra boost of cleaning power needed to tackle those tough messes.


Sponges, pads, & wipes: Scrub away any mess or protect high traffic surfaces with the tools you can find this in category. With disposable and reusable items available, you can be sure to find the perfect tool for your workspace.


Mopping bucket & pails: Ensure that your business’s floors are spotless with the tools in this category. For large or small areas, you will be able to purchase the correct size bucket or pail to keep your floors clean.


Service carts & signs: Organize your cleaning products and notify people of messes with the right service cart and signage for your business.




How to save on wholesale or bulk orders


When procuring all the cleaning tools your business needs, the price can add up quickly especially if you are buying in large quantities. Seek out suppliers that offer Quantity Discounts on bulk buys or wholesale sellers that can give you a deal on retail prices, which can save you money on your cleaning product and tool orders.




Looking for more janitorial and sanitation supplies?


Amazon Business carries millions of cleaning products from top brands. Whether you need paper towels to pick up small messes or a commercial grade vacuum to clean large areas, you can find the janitorial and sanitation supplies that will help your business stay spotless.




How can Amazon Business help?


Managing orders and supplies can be a lot to undertake, but through Amazon Business you can keep track of your purchases, manage your budget, and reduce and automate your orders. In addition, you can get discounts on qualifying bulk orders, which can save you money. For further savings, Business Prime offers the same perks as a Prime membership but customized for your unique business needs. Learn more about how Amazon Business can help through the links below.

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