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How to Grow Your Business from Amazon Business Prime American Express Card Member Megan Savely

Real Card Member aware their story will be featured by Amazon.

Looking to grow your business, but unsure where to start?  Learn what Amazon Business Prime member, Megan Savely, of Frost Me Sweet bakery did with the help of her Amazon Business Prime Card. 

Opening your own bakery takes passion, skill, and smart financial decisions. That’s what lead baker Megan Savely of Frost Me Sweet Bakery discovered when she left her stable office job to open her dream business. After early success led her to upgrade to a larger historic building space, she relied on tools like the Amazon Business Prime American Express Card to expand her beloved brand while maximizing her rewards.

The Frost Me Sweet Bakery Story

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Nestled in the heart of Richland, Washington, Frost Me Sweet stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and culinary excellence. Megan Savely, the powerhouse behind this woman-owned bakery and bistro, harbors a lifetime of passion for baking, with cakes being more than just a treat, but a calling. Along with her husband's bespoke bistro, Megan has cultivated a haven within the town's second-oldest building, a historical gem dating back to 1902.


With over two decades of combined experience in the food service industry, the couple has a refined palate for innovation, regularly delighting patrons with their unique and exquisite creations tailored for any occasion.


Frost Me Sweet's remarkable journey from a 200 sq. ft. coffee shack to a sprawling 5,000 sq. ft. dual establishment is a testament to Megan’s brave foray into pursuing her dreams wholeheartedly. Not just locally celebrated, Frost Me Sweet's expertise has taken the stage on Food Network multiple times, showcasing their award-winning creations to an international audience.

Small Business Growth with the Amazon Business Prime Card

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At the heart of their success story is the Amazon Business Prime Card, a pivotal tool that Megan has masterfully utilized to propel her bakery forward.


Her strategy was simple: use the Card for all business purchases and reap the rewards.


The % Back rewards accumulated became a resource for Megan, not just necessary tools, but also for rewarding her diligent team, be it through gifts to uplift spirits or as commendation for stellar performance.


Card Members can redeem rewards to save on items during checkout at and Amazon Business (U.S.) or apply towards a purchase on your statement.


This approach did more than just save money; for Megan it cultivated a positive workplace and reinforced staff loyalty.

"I really love the Amazon Business Prime Card, because what I do is buy all the business purchases on the card, and we get that percent back."

— Megan Savely, Owner of Frost Me Sweet

Earn 5% Back (with an eligible Prime membership) or 3% Back for U.S. purchases at Amazon Business and on the first $120,000 each calendar year, and 1% Back thereafter. Earn 2% Back at U.S gas stations, U.S. restaurants, and wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service providers and 1% Back for other purchases. 

4 Expert Tips on How to Grow Your Business with the Amazon Business Prime Card

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The Amazon Business Prime Card helps entrepreneurs reinvest rewards, track expenses, access flexible terms, and simplify workflows.  Here are four tips on how to grow your business.


Take Advantage of Transparent Payment Terms

Card Members can opt to benefit their bottom line with rewards or free up cash flow with interest free payment terms on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS, and Whole Foods Market. Fluctuating orders and seasonal changes can strain cash flow for any small business, so having this flexibility cushions business growth and expansion.

“Knowing that if we did need to wait to pay, that I can do that, is just extra security” says Megan. 


Reinvest with 5% or 3% Back in Rewards on Amazon

Putting rewards directly back into your business is a simple way to drive growth. Use the % Back earned from Amazon Business (U.S.) purchases to upgrade equipment or test new inventory items.


Since the rewards from this Card do not expire, you can redeem them however is most useful for your business. When checking out on or Amazon Business (U.S.), you can apply the rewards to save on items. Or, you can apply the rewards towards a purchase on your monthly Card statement. Either way, you can decide when and how to best put the rewards to use.


"We saw how much we were already spending there and wanted to maximize it," Megan explains.


Organize Expenses with Categorization

The Amazon Business Prime card gives you deeper insights on purchases and simplifies your expense reconciliation. With enhanced data views, you can see Amazon Business purchases listed item by item. Plus, the detailed digital statements allow you to easily sort business expenses by categories, vendors, dates, or your finance reconciliation needs.  With just a few clicks you gain actionable insights into exactly what was bought.


"I can see what I'm spending on ingredients versus office supplies," Megan shares. This allows business owners to make informed decisions and the ability to scale only top-performing categories.


Enable Seamless Account Management

The Amazon Business Prime Card also gives small business owners the ability to manage accounts on-the-go right from their mobile device. Having card details stored directly on their phone allows owners to seamlessly review recent transactions or easily reorder supplies wherever it is convenient. 


Plus, the automatic payment options also help business owners avoid potential missed payment deadlines.


Streamlining these financial workflows ultimately clears up more time for entrepreneurs to focus on what matter most, growing their dream ventures.

Benefits of Amazon Business American Express Card

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Choose to Earn Rewards or Take More Time to Pay Interest-free

Wanting a little extra time to pay off your purchases instead of % Back rewards? No problem. The Amazon Business Prime Card lets Card Members choose between 5% Back or 90 Day Payment Terms, or 3% Back or 60 Day payment terms (without eligible Prime membership) on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS, or Whole Foods Market.


Using her Business Prime membership on Amazon Business for ingredients, kitchen supplies, and last-minute cake decorations, Megan earns a % back to put towards future orders when she pays with her Amazon Business Prime Card. For bakery owners who regularly order key supplies on Amazon, these rewards can add up to savings over time.


If you choose to earn rewards, you’ll earn 5% Back (with an eligible Prime membership) or 3% Back on the first $120,000 in purchases each calendar year, and 1% Back thereafter.


2% Back on Restaurants and Gas Stations

You can earn 2% Back at U.S. restaurants, U.S. gas stations, and on wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service providers.


From lunches out to fuel fill-ups during hectic delivery days, bakeries rack up expenses across categories that provide 2% back. For bakeries like Frost Me Sweet, this could mean extra savings for your everyday purchases.


No Annual Fee¤

¤Rates & Fees


Unlike many small business credit cards, the Amazon Business Prime Card charges no annual fee. With small business owners, every bit of savings counts. As Megan states “The no annual fee is a huge thing for me.”


Extra Business Perks

Beyond rewards and payment terms, the Amazon Business Prime Card packs even more benefits to provide robust support for entrepreneurs. Perks include simplified Employee Cards, 24/7 customer support, and more.


Cards for your employees

Amazon Business Prime Card lets you simplify the purchasing process with Employee Cards Add up to 99 Employee Cards and earn rewards on employee purchases in the same way your own Card does. Your Card offers an Employee Card option with no annual fee.


Adding employee cards makes it easy to:

  • Control spending with customized card limits
  • Consolidate rewards earning
  • Simplify expense tracking


Plus, the ability to manage everything seamlessly from the Primary Card account is priceless.


24/7 Customer Care Support

As a small business owner, you’re used to juggling many tasks. The last thing you need is to not have access to reliable help when you need it, especially for questions concerning your business credit card.


When you become an American Express Business® Card Member, you can receive their special brand of Relationship Care® service. Whenever you have questions or concerns about your American Express Business Card, you can rely on them to give you answers 24/7. Simply call the number on the back of your Card to speak to one of the Customer Care Professionals who are specially trained to understand the needs of small business owners and can provide you with business-savvy support.


Think of it like having your very own business concierge. Whether you need help disputing a charge‡, adjusting your credit limit, or advice on maximizing your card benefits, the American Express Relationship Care® team is available around-the-clock and ready to assist. 

More Amazon Savings

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Rewards and points can offset future Amazon order costs on ingredients, decorations, or kitchen gear for your bakery, café, restaurant, or food truck.


The Amazon Business Card offers rewards that matter, to sweeten your establishment's bottom line. As Megan says, “I would 100% recommend the Amazon Business Card to other small businesses.”


Log in to your Amazon Business account to learn more and apply for the Card! Get a decision in as little as 30 seconds.

¤Rates & Fees


Learn more about Amazon Business Prime Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To apply for an Amazon Business American Express Card:  Go to Amazon Business American Express Card and select Apply Now.  Then complete the application form.

  • You'll earn 5% Back (with eligible Prime membership) or 3% on the first $120,000 in U.S. purchases each calendar year at Amazon Business, AWS, and Whole Foods Market, and 1% Back thereafter.


    You can earn 2% Back at U.S gas stations, U.S. restaurants, and wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service providers and 1% Back on other purchases.

  • Yes, with the Amazon Business Card you can manage multiple Employee Cards from your online account dashboard. This lets you set customized spending limits and monitor expenses across your employees, simplifying accounting.

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