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Introducing Dash Smart Shelf

A new way to help you save time, money, and ensure you never run out of the supplies you need.

To help their bottom line and better manage their business, many companies invest in staffing and technology that help them monitor and manage the consumption and reordering of supplies to run their operations. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who make up 99% of businesses in the U.S., monitoring and reordering everyday business essentials like printer paper or coffee for the break room can be unnecessarily time-consuming.


Small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers tell us vendor-managed inventory can be inflexible, with restrictions based on minimum orders or service area. Further, automated replenishment and inventory management options available today are often tailored for industrial applications, and can be expensive and difficult to implement, placing them out of reach. We don’t think SMB owners should have to choose between spending time with their customers or trips to the store. That’s why we’re excited to announce Amazon Dash Smart Shelf - a new solution for Amazon Business customers who want to spend less time managing their stock room, and more time on growing their business. Dash Smart Shelf will help SMB customers take restocking essential supplies off their to-do list.

Dash smart shelf

How it works


Amazon Dash Smart Shelf is a weight-sensing, Wi-Fi-enabled smart scale designed to take the hassle out of restocking office supplies, breakroom products, and other essentials for your businesses. When placed on a shelf or countertop, it can track inventory for a commonly used product, and automatically reorder when you run low - ending trips to the store and ensuring that you never run out of what you need to keep things running smoothly. Because it’s designed specifically for Amazon Business customers, you’ll get features such as business-only prices on a great selection of products, and savings of up to 15 percent on orders for select products placed using Dash Smart Shelf.


Setting it up is easy. Power-on the device using the included wall plug or four AAA batteries, connect to Wi-Fi, and then log in to your Amazon Business account via the web or Amazon Shopping app to select the product you want to replenish when supplies are low. Once setup is complete, simply place the product you ordered on a Dash Smart Shelf, and it can sense when that product is running low and automatically reorder more. The device is approximately 1-inch-tall, and will be offered in three models – small (7” x 7”), medium (12” x 10”), and large (18” x 13”). It works on a range of surfaces from countertops to wire shelving for added convenience.

Dash smart shelf sizes

Dash Smart Shelf can help you keep stocked up on office necessities like printer paper and pens, toilet paper and paper towels, IT and peripherals, breakroom items like coffee and snacks, maintenance repair, and operational needs, and common restaurant goods such as plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. In addition, customers using it can enjoy discounts of up to 15 percent on certain regularly used items like coffee products from Keurig, Folgers, coffee creamer from Nestle Coffeemate, snack bars from KIND, paper products from Hammermill and Kimberly Clark Professional, pens from Bic, and Post-Its, Scotch tape, and more from 3M.

Dash smart shelf stock room

When it’s time to restock, Dash Smart Shelf can perform two functions: it can place a replenishment order for you automatically, or it can be set to send a notification when supplies run low, giving you the option to manually place your order. You can also check on stock levels any time through the Amazon Shopping app or when logged into your Amazon Business account. It's programmed to help prevent accidental reorders if items are temporarily removed and then restocked. You can also easily change the products, sizes, flavors, and more for items replenished from your Amazon Business account.


Innovating with help from Amazon Business customers


To ensure Dash Smart Shelf raises the bar on helping SMBs save time, take control of their replenishment needs, we’re working closely with a number of our customers across industries including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and transportation that will begin piloting it in their organizations starting this month1. Amazon Business customers including Ocean’s HaloRed River Brewing CompanyMBX Systems, and more plan to test it to simplify replenishment, and provide feedback as we continue designing convenient solutions for our customers.



As a fast-growing food brand, we can’t afford to have our teams spend time on things that don’t add value or help us grow. Today, our marketing lead is ordering our business supplies – which is an inefficient use of time and valuable resources. Dash Smart Shelf will automate this process, which will help us spend less time restocking supplies and more time getting the word out about Ocean’s Halo.

— Robert Mock, Co-Founder and CEO, Ocean's Halo

As a business in a rural area, we can’t afford to run out of the supplies we need, whether it’s growler caps, or receipt paper. The nearest store is two hours away, so if we run out of something, we can’t just run to the corner store. Running out of the things we need impacts our business in a big way. Dash Smart Shelf is just what we need to make sure we have the supplies we need to do what we do best—brew great tasting beer.

— Michael Calhoun, General Manager, Red River Brewing Company

We build hardware for some of the world’s leading software companies so having products on the shelf and ready to go when we need them is incredibly important to us, and our customers. We can’t afford to miss a $20,000 order because we are short a $5 cable. Having the Amazon Dash Smart Shelf lets us sleep at night because it removes the burden of reordering.

— Chris Tucker, President, MBX Systems

Dash Smart Shelf will be made generally available to Amazon Business customers with a registered U.S. business license starting sometime in 2020. Visit our website to learn more, or sign up to be notified once Dash Smart Shelf is available.

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