Digitally transform your childcare business.

Digitally transform your childcare business


Automate repetitive purchasing needs, set up spend management tools, and uncover insights from scheduled reports.


According to a survey of 780 childcare providers:

  • 94%

    of early childcare directors surveyed spend up to 10 hours each week on shopping trips and managing receipts.

  • 89%

    of early childcare directors surveyed spend time shopping at up to 6 retailers each week.

  • 58%
    of those surveyed choose to shop online for supplies because it was “easier to shop and price was better.”

Source: Agile Marketing Research. 2019 Early Childhood Supply Purchasing Habits Survey. Surveyed 780 licensed center directors and in-home providers across the US.

Amazon Business

Endeavor Schools

An operator of private schools serving infants to adolescents based in Miami, Florida, Endeavor Schools serve nearly 9,000 children in 10 states. Endeavor signed up for Amazon Business to streamline the purchasing process across its 42 schools to enable each school leader to save time and resources with a new, collective procurement approach from a progressive business partner.


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“It saves us time from having people run to the store. We have three center directors that use the account; I just see the purchases, approve them, and they’re delivered. It’s just hard to beat that value proposition for us.”

— Salman Ahmad, The Goddard School, Franchise Owner

Amazon Business

Why early childhood education professionals are using Amazon Business

Early childhood education providers are passionate about unleashing the individual potential of every child and believe that streamlining back-office functions through Amazon Business enables them to focus time and energy on their mission of providing a better learning experience for children.

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“Early learning leaders are so limited on the resources that we have to work with, yet the work we do is so important. As I look for relationships to engage in as an association, I’m looking for meaningful and impactful ways to make things better for all of us. Amazon Business is a partner that streamlines processes, saves money, and reduces time spent acquiring supplies to make the most effective use of your time so you can focus on delivering quality programs for children.”

— Lori Buxton, Managing Director, Association for Early Learning Leaders

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