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Reduce tail-spend cost while improving the buying experience

The average college or university has around 1,000 separate vendors with whom they are spending less than 10%. Of those, 80% account for less than $1,000 each per year.* Amazon Business facilitates purchasing from thousands of vendors and allows institutions to save on onboarding non-strategic vendors, and gain visibility and control over tail spend.

Amazon Business provides tools that can help organizations better meet their compliance policies, including a contract vehicle with the OMNIA Partners contract, tax-exempt purchases for eligible customers, and multiple offers when needing multiple quotes. Have a diversity or local spend goal? Amazon Business enables purchasing from thousands of certified sellers and helps procurement teams measure this spend to meet state or institutional goals.**

* Benchmarking Spend Analytics and Procurement Savings Opportunities in Higher Education, NAEP, 2013

** Any diversity, industry, and other certifications made available to you are provided by third-party sellers on and have been independently verified by Amazon. You should still carefully review and validate any certifications and supporting information that you use to make your purchasing decisions. Amazon is not responsible for any certifications or supporting information provided by third-party sellers.

Baltimore organizations commit to small, diverse businesses

"By intentionally purchasing locally on Amazon Business, Johns Hopkins has created significant opportunities for small and local businesses here in the city."

— Crystal Burns, Small Business and Supplier Diversity Lead, Johns Hopkins University

Higher Education Case Studies

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    Johns Hopkins University and the City of Baltimore

    By purchasing on Amazon Business, Johns Hopkins University not only gets access to a wide selection of items delivered quickly, but it can choose to buy from small businesses. As part of its HopkinsLocal initiative to promote economic growth in Baltimore and support the local community, the university now purchases from more than 9,000 small businesses on Amazon Business. "By intentionally purchasing locally on Amazon Business, Johns Hopkins has created significant opportunities for small and local businesses here in the city," says Crystal Burns, Small Business and Supplier Diversity Lead at Johns Hopkins University.


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    Virginia Tech

    Virginia Tech is a public research university located in Southwest Virginia that has over 34,000 students and facilities across the state and around the globe. Virginia Tech had multiple Amazon Business accounts across its campus set up individually by departments. In 2018, the University created a centralized Amazon Business account and took steps to consolidate the numerous department-level Amazon Business accounts into the single, university-level Amazon Business account. The Punchout system that connects to their e-procurement system, Jaggaer, was crucial in scaling Amazon Business across the University. “In nine months, we have successfully onboarded 1,175 departmental users on to the centralized Amazon Business account, all of them having access to the punchout catalog for ordering through Amazon within the university's e-procurement system,” said Mary Helmick, Director of Procurement. The adoption rate of campus buyers to Amazon Business is approximately 85%, according to Mary.

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    Ivy Tech Community College

    Ivy Tech is a community college in Indiana that offers more than 150 programs across 40 locations. Staff and faculty within Ivy Tech had already been using for their procurement needs and decided to formally adopt Amazon Business in 2018. Since its adoption, Amazon Business has been a “go-to” option for Ivy Tech’s buyers for unique items. “Our buyers are already familiar and comfortable with the user interface of Amazon for personal use, and the Business product virtually mimics that for the end user,” said Dominick Chase, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Chief Procurement Officer. Among other features, business analytics has been key for Ivy Tech. “Amazon Business has provided tremendous analytics for us as we continue to be strategic with procurement,” said Dominick.

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    University of Washington

    The University of Washington (UW) recognized that faculty and staff were making university-related purchases using the consumer version of Amazon. The institution decided to consolidate these purchases through Amazon Business under a single master account, and, as a result, the university gained greater visibility into spend and simplified order administration for its Procurement Services department, giving faculty and staff greater autonomy and an easy purchasing experience.


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Amazon Business benefits for Education

* Business Plans start at just $179 per year for up to 3 users. We also offer a special discounted Enterprise price for Public Sector entities. The Public Sector plan is priced at $3,499 per year compared to $10,099 per year. See options in this link or Contact us to learn more. Public Sector plans and pricing are available to U.S. federal, state, local, and regional government entities, public education organizations, non-profit private universities, and public healthcare organizations and facilities. Cancel anytime. Membership fees may change over time.


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