Amazon Business for K-12

Empower teachers and staff to focus on the learning mission


Amazon Business helps improve the efficiency of getting materials into the classroom

Teachers and staff have millions of products at their fingertips and can browse, review, and order items conveniently. With expedited shipping, teachers and staff receive the tools to teach, when they need them. Amazon Business helps schools monitor compliance with spending policies, helps secure a negotiated public sector contract through OMNIA Partners Program, enables eligible customers to sign up for Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program, and lets you receive multiple quotes when necessary. Amazon Business helps teachers and staff, but at the same time provides centralized access to spend data and control on what to buy and what to restrict.

Amazon Business for Education

“With Amazon Business, we have new opportunities to cut costs. We can potentially return $154k annually to the classroom. This allows us to do better for our students, and that’s what we care most about. For every dollar we save, that's a dollar returned to the classroom.”

— Rick Gay, Director of Procurement Services, Spring Branch Independent School District

"Texas school districts are required to obtain multiple bids when ordering supplies if the expenditure meets a certain threshold. When Amazon business joined the OMNIA purchasing cooperative, it allowed us to piggyback off the awarded bids. As a result, the market is wide open for Texas school districts."

— Bryan Moore, CFO, Krum Independent School District

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