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Empower your nonprofit: harnessing Business Prime for growth

Learn how Amazon Business’ Business Prime, with its unique benefits and tools, can be used by nonprofits for growth and meaningful impact.

Nonprofits like yours show resilience and adaptability in the face of global economic challenges. Collectively, organizations like yours play an indispensable role, dedicating nearly $1 trillion annually to meet diverse societal needs, from healthcare to human services. Despite these contributions, you face financial strains due to limited funding, economic uncertainty, and other obstacles.


The demand for your services has never been higher, yet you find yourselves financially stretched, wrestling with a host of obstacles including economic uncertainty, rising interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and increasing energy costs. These tough challenges highlight how important your work is and its big impact on local economies. Your importance cannot be overstated; nonprofit organizations contribute 5.2% to the US GDP and represent a global force of over 10 million organizations. This is a testament to the vital role you play not just in your local communities, but on the world stage.


With much of your funding going towards mission-related items, there is a continued opportunity for you to look to the supply chain for savings. Amazon Business' Business Prime membership is a series of features designed to support organizations by offering unique benefits that foster growth and stability in any economy. To start, many of the product you purchase today could be eligible for fast, FREE business delivery. Additionally, Amazon Business offers a special discount of 65% off the annual Business Prime membership for eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits giving you the same access to the tools other businesses use for a fraction of the cost (there's even a free trial).


“The USO has several hundred users around the globe using Amazon Business. With this Business Prime incentive, we’ve been able to save money, and in turn create more efficiencies to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation.”

— Rick Quaintance, Senior Director of Procurement and Contracts Management, USO

Getting more from Business Prime

Below are some of the other benefits that nonprofit organizations can utilize when looking to drive efficiencies, gather insights on their purchasing patterns, or identify opportunities to save: 

  1. Optimize cash flow: Pay By Invoice (PBI) gives you the ability to buy now and pay later with no interest or fees which can be a powerful tool for nonprofits. Whether investing those funds or using them to extend the mission, having that flexibility is key in uncertain times. Approved Business Prime members can get extended terms of 45-* or 60-day terms**. 
  2. Boost productivity: Nonprofits can also use Business Prime's tools to improve their operations' efficiency. Guided Buying turns procurement rules into easy-to-follow visual signposts for buyers promoting compliance and cutting down purchasing time, thereby freeing up resources for other mission-critical tasks. 
  3. Extend your mission: While it might not always come to mind, nonprofits can actually use procurement as a tool to further their mission. Guided Buying allows you to highlight or prefer credentialed local and diverse businesses, and more sustainable products on Amazon Business. This can allow you to support the local economy or even veteran owned businesses. 
  4. Identify cost savings: Having a complete picture of your employees’ orders over time will allow you to better understand opportunities for new policies or ways to save. Our Spend Visibility tool has pre-built dashboards that can assist you in making intelligent budgeting decisions, and even identify opportunities for consolidating multiple small purchases into bulk orders for additional savings.
  5. Enhanced transparency: With donor acquisition and retention being more vital than ever, make it easier on yourself to show your effective stewardship of funds. Spend Visibility provides real-time tracking of your performance goals with customizable spending and savings trackers. This level of transparency can reinforce trust with donors and may even streamline the fiscal year-end reconciliation process.
  6. Business Prime Rewards: U.S. customers with an active Duo or Essentials membership plan are now eligible to earn rewards when they complete actions in their account. These rewards — redeemable on future purchases as an alternate payment method at checkout — can be enjoyed alongside other benefits of being an Amazon Business customer with Business Prime.


Today's economic environment presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. At Amazon Business, we understand these dynamics and have tailored our Business Prime membership to empower nonprofits not just to survive, but to thrive. Our suite of tools allows organizations to unlock operational efficiencies, broaden the reach of their mission, and utilize their resources more strategically. Benefit from our special discounts tailored for eligible nonprofits, and see firsthand how you can transform economic challenges into opportunities for growth and meaningful impact.

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