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Amazon Business training videos for administrators and buyers

Resources to learn how to create a successful, data-driven procurement program.

Registration methods for your organization's business account

Learn how to join an existing or new Amazon Business account with your work email address.
  • Direct registration

    • How to join an Amazon Business account through email invitations for new or existing Amazon users.
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  • Single Sign-on

    • Improve the security of your account and make it easier for you and your colleagues to access Amazon Business. 

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  • eProcurement

    • Maintain compliance provided by your existing procurement system with Punchout to Amazon Business.
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Adding and removing users

Discover how to add users, resend invitations, and remove users from your Amazon Business account. 

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Drive compliance with Buying Policies and Approval Workflows

Visually identify your organization's purchasing preferences and delegate approvers for each policy.
  • Guided Buying overview

    • Amazon Business administrators can create and manage customized purchasing policies, such as specifying preferred suppliers and spending limits.
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  • Configure Guided Buying

    • Step by step instructions on how to prefer, restrict and block sellers, categories and products.
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  • Approving requests

    • Learn how the workflow process notifies approvers and buyers, and other best practices.
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Configure Spend Limits

Help your organization manage rogue spend by steering buyers to stay within identified limits, or seek approval for orders exceeding set spend limits.

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Manage your budgets for Amazon Business and gain spend insights

Smart tools that help maintain the controls organizations require, while empowering buyers.
  • Budget Management

    • A high-level overview of managing and organizing the users on your business account.
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  • Set up Budget Management

    • Allocate budgets for buyers, enable visibility for approvers, and manage blanket POs in bulk.
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  • Buyer experience

    • Learn how orders under budget management policies are executed by buyers during and after checkout.
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Request for Quote helps manage spend

Request for Quote (RFQ) allows businesses to request and compare quotes from multiple suppliers for specific products or services.

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Add, remove, and group your Amazon Business users

Learn how to add multiple users, manage permissions, and create buying groups for added efficiency.
  • Members overview

    • A high-level overview of managing and organizing the users on your business account.
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  • User roles & permissions

    • Step-by-step instructions on how to assign and edit roles within your organization's account.
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  • Groups overview

    • Organize your users and create groups by department, locations, user type, and more.
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